Maritime Accident News
Welding Fumes Injuries Can Occur Without Proper Ventilation
Welding fumes are a danger to any welder, especially when working in confined spaces that are often found on ships and offshore rigs. Confined spaces such as ballast and fuels tanks, crane
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Common Shipyard Accidents and Injuries Workers Suffer
Common Shipyard Accidents and Injuries
Working on and around a vessel in a shipyard can be just as hazardous as working aboard a vessel on the open water.  Shipyard work covers a wide range of activities, including the c
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Jones Act protections for contract maritime workers
Contract Employees Working Aboard Vessels May Qualify for Jones Act Protections
As a way to save money, more and more maritime employers are hiring contract employees to serve aboard their vessels. If you're a contract worker who's been injured while working aboard a v
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